Healing Music Goes Way Beyond Relaxation...

Most often, people confuse healing music with new age music or music for relaxation and meditation.

New age music is associated with these soft, monotonuous, and continuously whirling and floating (electronic) tones and frequencies.

That's why most people may find new age music boring. It's too soothing, too soft and always the same.

Actually, new age music is known as kind of a musical movement, while "healing music" is quite differently.

Just let's take a look at the meaning of the words "healing" and "music".

In our opinion, healing is "regaining or restoring health and well-being on a physical, mental and emotional level so that you are physically, mentally and emotionally in balance". In other words, healing should turn you upside-down.

Music is a chain of sounds, a blend of tones and frequencies following a certain rhythm or melody.

You can only talk about healing music when it provokes or brings about a profound balance to your body and/or life.

Actually, it should bring about a metamorphosis.

It's way beyond relaxation....

While there are numerous new age CD's, claiming to bring relaxation, you will not find many CD's claiming to bring that ultimate "metamorphosis"!

But when does music heal?

One of the most interesting and revealing articles we came across is "The Healing Power of Sound" by Simon Heather BSoc.Sc, MBAcC, MCOH.

Music is sound, sound is vibration. Everything in the Universe vibrates.

  • In his book, "Cymatics Vol II (1974)", Hans Jenny describes the biological effect of sound on the human body.

    Every single healthy atom of the human body has its own vibrational and resonant frequency.

    A cell of the human body made up of a certain quantity of atoms and molecules resonates and resounds according to the mutual harmonies of the atoms amongst themselves.

    Many cells together then form new sounds in accordance with the mutual harmonies of the cells to each other.

    Any organ comprised of certain cells then forms new harmonies dependent on the foregoing chain of cause.

When music starts to bring a vibration and comes in-sync with your own 'vibrations', it becomes a catalyst for "healing" on whatever level.

Only when this occurs, we can talk about "healing music". As such, the kind of music you listen to is not important (it can be jazz, trance, hip-hop, classical music,...).

The same piece of music can have very different effects on different listeners.

If it triggers or touches something within your own physical, mental or emotional being, if it vibrates on your frequency, it can "heal".

Read what Toni Bunnell, Ph. D. has to say about healing music in his "A Tentative Mechanism for Healing".

Sound affects and organizes physical substances which can easily be seen by drawing a bow at right angles to a metal plate covered with sand.

Depending on what tone is produced, different patters appeared in the sand. These are called Chlandi figures after the man who first discovered this phenomenon.

While different kinds of music claim to - and eventually could - "heal", some type of music reportedly is - in a universal way - able to affect a whole lot of people and bring about "health and well-being" for many, whatever the situation.

We will review this type of universal "healing music" and publish our own experience with the following composers, creators and performers (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Awakened Minds Inc.
  • Jonathan Goldman
  • Marcey Hamm
  • Kelly Howell (Brain Sync Corporation)
  • Lambdoma
  • Boris Mourashkin
  • Alan Roubik
  • Shapeshifter
  • Jeffrey Thompson (Center for Neuroacoustic Research)
  • Andrew Weil

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