Healing Music by Andrew Weil

We will review the following healing music by Andrew Weil: Sound Body, Sound Mind

About the Composer
Who doesn't know Dr. Andrew Weil?! The health-conscious guru and leader in the field of Integrative Medicine.

He is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and a well known expert in natural medicine, mind-body interactions and the author of many best-selling books.

Actually the composition is not really from Dr. Andrew Weil himself but from Joshua Leeds who, together with Anna Wise, a leading authority on brain waves and healing, created the music.

The Archangelos Chamber Ensemble was also involved in this healing music by Andrew Weil.

Title of the CD
Sound Body, Sound Mind: Music for Healing (2-CD set: Sound Body is the 1st CD and Sound Mind is the second CD).

How does the technology work?
The healing music by Andrew Weil comes from the same philosophical perspective as the Thomatis Method but uses somewhat different techniques. Unique is the use of beat frequencies to influence brainwaves (background sounds resonating at the same speed as your brainwaves, which are interwoven with the music).

Andrew Weil uses a complex combination of different binaural beat frequencies at once, in four different octaves. This combination of frequencies changes several times a minute.

The trick is that the recording is designed to help you keep your mind from interfering with the healing system of the body.

As Dr. Andrew Weil states "It's not a matter of wishing oneself well or thinking positive thoughts(...). The sounds will guide you to the state of awareness in which you let your body heal itself."

So, it's not mind over body, it's energy over mind!

The music begins by meeting you in a normal waking state and gently guides you through the different stages of brainwave activation, down to "the deep", a 25-minute period of theta and delta with enough alpha to keep a link to the conscious mind.

In the last 15 minutes of the recording, you are gently reawakened with the increase of alpha and beta frequencies.

Kind of music
Sound Body, Sound Mind: Music for Healing uses soothing classical music from Mozart, Mahler, Bach, and Brahms that has been specially engineered.

The selection of music was guided by principles of psycho-acoustics. 

How much does the CD cost?
The May 2005 CD re-release of Sound Body, Sound Mind: Music for Healing costs above 30.00 USD (August 2019).

Headphones required?
Yes, as this will enhance the effect of the beat frequencies.

Can you listen while you're doing other thing?

No, it's not recommended as you otherwise will not enter a state of deep relaxation. So, only use the music when you are not disturbed and can relax. You need at least about 60 minutes free time to listen to AND experience this healing music by Andrew Weil.


Most listeners report deep relaxation when listening to this healing music by Andrew Weil.

Cosmic Technologies' comments and experience
We are very impressed by the quality of the recording.

As may be expected from Dr. Andrew Weil, this really is a top-notch production.

We have been "testing" and listening to Sound Body, Sound Mind: Music for Healing under different situations for several years now and have observed and felt the powerful influence of this recording.

However, the CD will only work if you just relax, take your time, put your headset on and let the music do its work.

In a most remarkable way your "mind" will gradually slip away as the music very gently guides you through the different stages of brainwave activation and brings you to "the deep".

"The Deep" is the soundtrack in which the brainwaves are brought to their lowest and slowest for the strongest healing effects.

The music may get somewhat melancholic when you enter this deep state of sub-consciousness.

We particularly like the gradual guiding from the normal waking state to the deep unconscious state. Really stunning. Not every kind of healing music uses such gradual stages.

We have often found that it's absolutely necessary that the different states change gradually as otherwise, you will keep awake, nervous and not relaxed.

We also used this music just before going to sleep, to see if it could bring about a good night-rest.

However, every time we listened to the music, we did fall asleep (or did we enter a sub-conscious state?) but were reawakened at the end of the recording.

So, the problem here is that we were fully awakened after listening to the music and that we could not sleep anymore thereafter...

As the music will gently bring you from a state of deep relaxation to a state of Awakened Mind, you may have it difficult to sleep after that!

So, that's why we don't recommend using the music to get a good night-rest.

Rather, we recommend you use this healing music by Andrew Weil in the morning or during the day. Or whenever you have at least one hour free time.

The music really seems to be doing what it says: it brings you gently into a state of deep relaxation and will reawaken you afterwards.

Most impressive!

The 2nd disc (Sound Mind) contains a discussion on sound healing, frequencies and the production of the CD.

Sound Body, Sound Mind: Music for Healing is just superb healing music by Andrew Weil that we highly recommend.

We are absolutely impressed that every time we listen to this healing music by Andrew Weil it works the way it should.

Important disclaimer:

This information is provided for informational purposes only. Healing music is definitely not a substitute for proper medical care. Always consult your own health care provider for information or questions on your health! We make no claims to cure any medical or mental disorders.

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